random confessions, or, five things you didn’t know because you’re not on Facebook.

Okay, I’ve never actually posted these factoids on Facebook. But they’re all true, and I have a hunch this knowledge will make future posts less surprising, yet more interesting. Like the raisins in your morning cereal.

When I was a kid I wanted a kid’s bedroom, with rows of small built-in, brightly-colored drawers for organizing all my toys, wallpaper with glittery-winged fairies on it, a bed that was shaped like a race car. I didn’t care whether it was boyish or girlish as long as it was kiddish. But I don’t remember even even asking for a red molded Nascar bed or a giant Miss Piggy rug because, even at eight, I felt “too old.” I was also too large for most children’s furniture by the time I entered kindergarten, hell, I wore a women’s size seven shoe in second grade.

I believe in reincarnation and have memories of quite a few different past lives, from a woman who died in 1972, to a man who was burned alive in the Middle Ages.

I was in the chess club at my first high school, and on our first meet, met a boy named Andrew who did a great Peter Lorre imitation and caught my attention by demanding, “Are you mocking me?” when I snickered at his joke whilst losing a game to his teammate. We wrote letters for the next three years of high school, and then when he joined the Marines, emailed for several more. We lost touch after an angry argument about Dubya and the Iraq War. One of my biggest regrets in life (not being one to collect regrets) is arguing with a soldier in Iraq about the necessity of the war.

I listen to country music. I may be one of ten pacifists in the world who love Toby Keith’s song, “Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue.” Compare to above.

2 thoughts on “random confessions, or, five things you didn’t know because you’re not on Facebook.

  1. a) Want to lose a friend or insult someone? Say s/he reminds you of Peter Lorre (for greater effect if a “she”).

    Sub-point: Was Lorre more unsavory a character in “M” or “Casablanca”?

    b) I’ve had that necessity of war debate with servicemen. It’s the kind of talk that goes nowhere. Ever.

    1. My brother and I just recently bemoaned having not seen M, especially since we consider ourselves B&W movie buffs. But I do know Mad Love topped his role in Casablanca for unsavoriness.

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