not enough wine in the world.

There is a newly discovered reason to go forward each day into the rain and cold. Let us be nearer, let us be close. Closest. Let us be true, each day as true as could be. Let us be nearer, let us spend each day nearer to me. Me and you. Let us be more than me and you, let us be us. Let others associate us, mediocre and mad together, marvelous or sad together, let us go forward to be close. Let us step closer. Let us dissipate the distances as our bodies approach, let us grow wiser in our wisdom and taller in our heads, taller in our dispositions, wiser in our hearts. This is now once inch between us. Let us crush it with our skin, as our private space is turned to dual. Let us be dual.

Let us be together.

One thought on “not enough wine in the world.

  1. OMG did you write that? It IS a song. I love the fact that despite the meltdown in the Davis world, you can find such lovliness in your heart.

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