killin’ time

The flights here went fine. For the record, the CDG airport in Paris is bizarre. I should have lots of photos to post this evening. My new boss, who we’ll call… what’s a Spanish name… for now we’ll call her G. G picked me up in Barcelona with her middle son, and I met the baby (almost two) and oldest (nearly nine, I think) and husband when we arrived here in Reus about an hour and a half later.

Everything is very Spanish.

I do feel disoriented this morning, but cheerful, so now that I hear noises from below, I’m going to go downstairs and see what kind of morning grub I can rustle up.

Also, I have to edit the time zone this blog posts from. According to the clock here, it’s 7:30am. Probably the first and only time I will be awake before anyone else in the house, but that’s because I scurried upstairs for a good sleep last night and didn’t stay up for their 9pm dinner. By that point I had been awake about 35 hours, if I’m doing my math correctly. Sleep. Felt. Very. Good.

2 thoughts on “killin’ time

  1. Ah, the joys of intercontinental flights. Yes, I bet sleep did feel very, very good. So are you going to come home fluent in Catalan?!

  2. I might… I need Spanish to survive outside the house but the family speaks Catalan at home and so do most of the locals, so I’ll probably get a hodgepodge of both.

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